AmeriMerchant uses IP Office to support bi-coastal operations

AmeriMerchantAmeriMerchant specializes in providing working capital and other financial products to all types of businesses nationwide. With over 80 employees at offices in New York City and San Francisco, AmeriMerchant needed a new communications solution with the agility and reliability to meet their fast-paced business environment. They were also looking for a sophisticated system with call routing and advanced tools that could help deliver effective customer service, training for productivity enhancement, and greater business efficiency.

In an industry that has become very competitive in the last few years, highly responsive communications are vital to our business. We need to be able to connect customers to the right sales people, and outside sales agents to administrative staff, very quickly. It’s all about speed to market – and Avaya IP Office allows AmeriMerchant to map out how we want to perform in the marketplace.

— Andrew Altschuler, Vice President
Business Development