What is Ransomware and Why is Everyone Talking About it?

Malware can take on many hidden identities known as “Malvertising.” They range from the latest celebrity gossip, health and beauty promises, to even emails that appear to be a friend harmlessly sending you a comedic video you “just have to watch.” When the user clicks and views these infectious ads, they are putting their devices […]

Why should I switch to DIRECTV over other providers?

DIRECTV will without a doubt add value to your brand by offering unique features like no other satellite provider out there. One of those features is Interactive Mix, which satisfies a broad spectrum of customers at once by giving you the ability to display multiple channels at once on a single screen. SPORTS MIX gives […]

Relocating a Business? Let the Experts Help…

Every day we get calls from clients in Connecticut who are planning to relocate, often asking what will it cost to move their existing system(s).   Allied Communications has a dedicated staff of experts that can provide you solutions and pricing to handle every aspect of your move in Connecticut or beyond.  Some of the services […]

Getting Ready for VoIP

Voice Over IP is where everything is going and that is not just because it is the “in” thing it makes everything work together.  Most businesses have a Network for their computers but many are not sure if they are prepared for Voice over IP.  In other words can I have my phone system working […]

Protecting your Technology

Knowing When and Why you should protect your phones or your data will help you save money and protect your technology. Would you drive your car without insurance? Would you own a home and not insure it for fire or theft? Do you buy that extended warranty for your BIG SCREEN TV? If you answered […]

What is a POTS line?

A brief explanation of “Plain Old Telephone Service” and what lies for ahead in the future. A POTS line gets its name from the acronym for “Plain Old Telephone Service”. Prior to the 1970′s, POTS was the ONLY type of service you could get for voice communication. But, when the emergence of T-1, TDM (Time […]

Don’t forget about Hurricane Season!

Preparing for hurricane season as it related to your communications and access to data. Category:General Posted by: Jon In New England, we have been whacked by damaging Hurricanes (or freak early-winter storms) two years in a row now!  During 2011 many folks were without power for up to two weeks because of an unseasonably early […]