Communication Solutions

Comm solutionsOur solutions are completely customer driven and given the ever changing landscape of technology we constantly have to keep up with what applications fit each customer’s particular need.  That being said we use Avaya Scalable Voice Solutions which are feature rich from the start of a company’s needs and advance with them to the next level.  Whether you are a small firm with 10 employees or a large fortune 500 company Avaya has the solution that fits and also grows with you.  The main reason Allied has been carrying Avaya Solutions is because of its ability to keep the customer happy and their investment protected.  Rarely do we need to forklift upgrade a customer.  We simply add software and a core element and the customer can keep the core system in place along with their most expensive investment the endpoints.

Allied knows that disaster recovery is a wide term and we help you understand every possible avenue to work with when talking about disaster recovery.  This can include complete redundant solutions that are housed in an off-site facility to a process for key personnel to receive calls when a major power outage closes your business.  Natural disasters are also a large problem with the recent earthquakes, hurricanes and major snow storms we are arming our customers with the correct software and hardware that allow them to handle phone calls and emails from any remote location.  Voice over IP has brought us many more tools to give our customers choices when it comes to levels of disaster recovery and we are there to assist them.

Backup of data today is the most crucial part of your infrastructure and is sometimes not given the correct attention it needs.  We have found many customers that are using old tape backups to supposedly keep their data stored are more likely going to have a surprise when the ultimately need to use those backups.  We use a system to back up your data both on-site and remotely and we don’t just store the raw data we store the snap shot of each server so if a disaster does arise that we need to completely replace a server or virtual servers we will then be able to put the data back into the new replacement with a clean backup just as it was before.  With the convergence of virtual desktops we have found that server backup is so crucial today.  Every company should have a strong plan for backups and that is our goal to assist our clients in this area.

Technology Audits have been part of Allied’s every day practice for its existing customers.  We want our customers to have the best services and the best infrastructure they can have at the price points they should be at.  Most companies don’t have the time to insure that they are paying the standard or less than what is current.  Every year carriers and hardware companies change plans and add or subtract services while raising prices where you don’t openly see them.  The bill comes every month and you pay it as a standard for doing business.  It’s our job to look at these bills on an annual basis to insure you have the correct plan in place and if not we facilitate quotes on your behalf to get you the best offerings.  Our staff also provides infrastructure audits to insure the hardware and software you are using is the best and most efficient to provide you with the level of expectations you deserve.  Our audits include analyzing your phone equipment, your data equipment and your software contracts.  Typically customers can make some simple upgraded adjustments and find themselves saving a lot of time and money.  Our certified specialists work with your team to answer any questions or concerns and help you plan any changes that best fit your needs.