More games. More guests.


Only DIRECTV has the sports packages you need to attract fans of every stripe. In addition, new DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS customers can get NFL SUNDAY TICKET 2016 at no extra cost in all guest rooms, bars restaurants and lobby areas.


International programming

international sports international hotel

Create a home away from home for your international guests. Choose from a huge variety of foreign-language packages — including Spanish, Cantonese, and more — full of entertainment, news, and sports from around the world.



DIRECTV Welcome Screen with DRE PLUS 

DRE Welcome Screen

The new DIRECTV Hotel Welcome Screen will give your guests a more interactive in-room TV experience with info like….
• Express Checkout
• Hotel Events and Information
• Spa Service
• Restaurant Hours and Menus
• Room Service
The new DIRECTV Hotel Welcome Screen will save your staff time and save you money!
DIRECTV Programming Packages starting at just $2.49 per room per month
DIRECTV gives you a choice of programming packages that will save you as much as 50% off of your cable bill right now. We make it easy for you to give your guests the ultimate TV experience in a price range that fits your budget. Best of all, no surprises.
Additional Programming at No Additional Charge!
When you subscribe to a qualifying base package with the DRE PLUS on a 5 year agreement you get:
NFL Sunday Ticket FREE for one year in all of your guest rooms
NFL Sunday Ticket and MLB Extra Innings FREE for one year for your bar, restaurant or lobby
3 FREE Months of HBO and Cinemax when you subscribe to HBO for your guest rooms

An upgrade your guests will never forget

Give your guests the best in entertainment with DirecTV. DirecTV is the industry leader in HD Programming, sports and channel variety.

DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) and DRE Plus

Make your guests feel at home with the DirecTV Residential Experience (DRE) program offer.

With the DIRECTV DRE You and Your Guests Will Enjoy:

Advanced technology that’s Easy, Flexible and Compatible with all TV’s and wiring

Full residential channel line-up with access to over 100 HD channels and an HD Interactive Programming guide so your guests can easily find the shows they want to watch

The same simple, Anti-Microbial Remote your guests are used to at home

Fully customizable Hotel Welcome Screen with the Hotel Logo, Hotel Info App, Weather info, Folio Express Checkout and up to 50 pages of content for you to populate.

Hotel PMS Integration


The groundbreaking DIRECTV RESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE turns hotel rooms into living rooms with an entertainment experience your guests already know and love. Especially with over 85 channels of HD movies and shows. The simple, anti-microbial remote helps guests access their entertainment quickly through a user-friendly interactive program guide. Guests can also enjoy the ability to play, pause, and even rewind live TV. And for DIRECTV Residential Experience PLUS customers, DIRECTV CINEMA offers the highest quality viewing experience for your guests without taxing your hotel’s Internet bandwidth which makes for a better, faster on-demand experience.