One Solution.




For our ‘Enterprise’ customers, Allied Communications has a team of design experts that customize Voice & Data solutions to allow your business to achieve its’ goals, to Communicate, Collaborate and Grow. Our largest customers have multiple properties all over the United States and have multilevel communications, conferencing and redundancy needs across their entire enterprise. We provide full Deployment, Project Management, and support. Our Enterprise solutions are resilient and all include reliability, mobility and scalability.

Call Center and Multi-channel/Omnichannel Experience

As customer care evolves to new digital channels—like web chat, SMS, social media, and video—there’s a need to offer a seamless experience across these channels. Omnichannel and multi-channel customer experiences are all about providing the right media at the right time, every time, applying all relevant information and context to deliver a unique, personalized, and enduring experience across the customer’s entire journey.

Premised Based Systems –

Give you the reliability and control that your business may require to keep your enterprise working. Whether you want to integrate old or new technology we have the correct & most reliable ‘best of breed’ solutions.

Private Cloud Systems –

Give your enterprise the advantage of having the best of everything – while owning nothing! It minimizes any Capital Expense and moves you to a complete Operating Expense model which includes everything down to the phone sets.

Our offerings include:

  • Call Center – Reporting Cradle to grave
  • Web Chat, SMS and Social Media
  • Video Conference or chat
  • Integrated Voice Response with look up
  • Microsoft Lync Integration