Hospitality Gaming Specialists

Tropicana-HotelAllied Communications, an Avaya Gold Business Partner, is the leader in the field in providing gaming and hospitality voice and data solutions.

With over 25 years experience in the gaming and hospitality market, Allied’s sales, engineering and service team understands this business.

Allied can help you solve complex business issues, reduce expense by leveraging technology, improve guest satisfaction scores, improve CRM and streamline call center operations.

Allied works with all major U.S. gaming companies on initiatives ranging from small remote office to large scale implementation.

Product, industry knowledge, service delivery and competitive pricing are some of the reasons customers keep coming back to Allied. Below are the qualities you should look for and a great service company.

Allied is dedicated to delivering the right products with superior customer service at a fair and reasonable price!

  • Reliability - You can always count on Allied’s ability to perform and maintain our integrity in any situation
  • Service – Allied is available to assist you with your order and equally available to offer you the same assistance with your problems or returns. Providing great customer service enhances the level of customer satisfaction
  • Quality- Allied is an Avaya Gold Partner. As such we deliver state of the art voice and data networking solutions that are second to none in the industry, all backed by Avaya’s warranty program and maintenance plans
  • Consistency – Allied will always supply a consistent product and service
  • Value - Allied delivers value for your money in the form of reasonable pricing, excellent customer service and support after the sale. Our support does not stop once the sale is complete. We develop long term partnerships with our clients
  • Speed - Allied responds promptly to customer requests and are quick to deliver
  • Security - It's safe doing business with Allied. Allied has procedures and processes in place that guarantee your transactions, your business plan and any sales or marketing information you provide to them are secure
  • Dependability – Allied is always reliable, truthful and trustworthy. We can and will do anything in our power to enable your success
  • Ethics – Allied operates ethically, does what's right and has your best interests in mind in all we do

How we help? Intelligent Communications Technology

Historically, communications has been viewed by many hospitality industry leaders as a utility. It was a basic service that guests expected.

Globalization, increased industry competitiveness and the need to differentiate and strengthen brands means hospitality providers must use every advantage to beat competitors. At the same time, guests are becoming increasingly technology savvy and expect to have access to the latest technology when staying at a hotel or making reservations.

Many in the hospitality industry agree that technology can create value and offer competitive differentiation. But the benefits must be balanced by the time and cost to implement technology. Here is where new developments such as IP telephony, web services, and the emergence of service-oriented architectures (SOA) can make all the difference. Developments in these areas minimize the need for custom code and require less time to implement.

The Guest Experience

Luxury hotels are aggressively using personalized services as a differentiator to increase guest loyalty. One key objective is to recognize individual guests in order to motivate repeat sales.

For example, with the right information capture, a business traveler, checking in late and exhausted after a delayed flight, could be greeted in his room by a bottle of his favorite wine and a late-night snack … and his hometown football team’s highlights ready for viewing.

Intelligent Communications is key to providing this type of personalized service – without extraordinary planning and staffing. Customers can specify their preferences, and this information is communicated to the right staff at the right time. With a true Intelligent Communications solution, management can track the location of critical staff throughout a facility, their availability for other tasks, the status of orders, and expected behavior of other guests – and adjust schedules accordingly.


Avaya-hospitalityAvaya Intelligent Communications Solutions for the hospitality industry provide our customers with the ability to achieve competitive advantage through the deployment and management of flexible, cost-effective, open-standard solutions. Our solutions are focused on high-impact areas with critical business value, including the customer experience, productivity, and process efficiency – and thus can provide business justification that goes well beyond ‘traditional’ areas of expense savings or reduced TCO.

The hospitality industry in particular has significant opportunities for realizing benefits from Intelligent Communications, given the critical importance of managing and truly differentiating the guest experience – key forward-looking players in the industry have already begun to leverage these opportunities. Avaya is at the forefront of enabling players across the industry to do likewise.