Internet Speeds for Your Business


Deciding what internet speed and how much bandwidth you need to get for your business is important to get the adequate speed you need. It is also important not waste your budget where it is not needed. That being said, it is very common to see businesses attempting to operate without enough bandwidth from what they are trying to use the bandwidth for and how many people are using it.
The way internet speeds are measured is in Mbps, or megabits per second. A bit is 1/8th of a Megabyte, so if you have a 1Mbps connection, in theory it will take 8 seconds to transfer a 1MB (Megabyte) file. Businesses may use their bandwidth for activities such as: email, online research, e-fax, customer interaction (social media, forums, contact forms), and more. How many people are using your bandwidth in your business?

Internet Speed Recommendations for Devices:
16/3 = 1-3 Devices
27/7 = 2-4 Devices
50/10 = 2-5 Devices
75/15 = 3-10 devices
100/20 = 5 or more devices
150/20 = 10 or more devices
*Devices: any server, pc, phone or tablet that connects and accesses the internet at your place of business.

These are good references based on the market as it stands today. However, as more services are switching to cloud storage and more video content is being used for different things such as presentations and training purposes the average business will need more bandwidth for their day to day operations. It is recommended to get as much as 1Mbps per user if possible in your area.

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