Why does it make sense to switch to Google Cloud Platform?

More and more businesses are choosing to put their data on the cloud, which is proving to save their business a heap of money. With the cloud, there is no need to purchase any hardware, which not only cut costs of business purchases, but also allows for a great deal of flexibility for growth of the company with the capability of supporting up to up to 1,250 users. You simply pay as you go based on how much storage you need at the current moment and increase as needed. The more people working in a company, the more opportunities for collaboration. The cloud enables employees to be able to view, edit and share documents at any time from virtually any location from their computer or mobility using Android and iOS apps, therefore ideas can be shared no matter who is physically at the business. This means employees can work remotely whether they live in another location or are traveling. Implementing this means everyone is on the same page…literally. Increased visibility means employees gain more document control, in other words, everyone can see the same truth. Exclusively with us, your employees can stay in close contact using the Avaya Communicator for web, a Chrome extension and Internet Explorer add-on that integrates cloud apps like Google Apps, Office 365 and Salesforce.com with Avaya IP Office. Using these applications, employees can label their availability and decide which of their devices is used for incoming calls. The cloud service can also reduce the workload of your IT team by minimizing complexities with the Contact Center and UC capabilities. Finally, Google Cloud has applications to match the customer with correct member of your team to help problems get solved quicker and more efficiently the first time. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. Are you ready to make your business run smoother with Google Cloud Platform?

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