Managed IT Services

We provide a range of proactive services to keep your computer system and network up and running

  • Remote Proactive VS Reactive IT Management
  • Management of key IT tasks and security requirements
  • Multi-tiered IT Skill Sets Available at Call Center
  • Server Service — Patch Management, service monitoring w/proactive notifications
  • Backup Disaster Recovery Coverage
  • Onsite Services — from comprehensive system administration to system monitoring services
  • Virus Protection and Email SPAM protection

The Benefits

  • Increase efficiency; prevent and respond faster to problems and meet required service levels
  • Maximize productivity; reduce support workload with onsite; reliable budget numbers
  • Increase effectiveness; augment skills of in-house system administrators
  • Realize value — reduce cost of ownership; keep your business running

Start the Managed Services process with a 30 Day Diagnostic Report. How healthy is the “heart” of your business?

Allied Communications Healthy Systems Diagnostic Report Includes

  • Machine Inventory Assessment
  • Software Inventory Assessment
  • Identify Bottlenecks in the Network
  • Evaluate Speed Performance
  • Security Processes
  • Performance Trending Issues


Allied Communications Basic Monitoring and Maintenance Service keeps workstations and servers secure and immediately notifies Allied Communications of any imminent problems.

Monitoring Device Services

  • Crucial Server Applications (Exchange, Web Server, E-mail, and more)
  • Backup Services
  • Network Devices (Routers, Switches, and more)
  • System Log Monitoring

Report Generation

  • Software Audits
  • Hardware Audits
  • Band Width Utilization
  • Network Health
  • Application Performance

Scheduled Automated Maintenance-cleanup of your system

  • System Defrag
  • Unused icons
  • Internet temporary files
  • Hard Drive Space Clean-up

The Basic Monitoring and Maintenance Service package offers you (the Allied Communications Customer) a numerous amount of services for the lowest cost available. This basic service provides the ideal tools to keep workstations and servers secure and to notify you, the customer of any imminent problems. It monitors all machines chosen for monitoring services on the server. The identified responsible personnel will remediate the issues. Once the issue has been resolved, alerts will go out to all designated parties indicating that the monitored service is back up and running.

In addition to the above, you can also opt for the Call Center. Through our optional call center you will receive full 1 on 1 remediation. It’s as simple as 1…2…3… all of which is offered at an affordable cost to you.

End Point

Using the Allied Communications Customer Program we will provide more advanced security measures for dealing with malicious threats, establish baseline policies, asset tracking and changes, software rollout and upgrades and overall health of workstations and servers. Some things that is included in the Endpoint.


  • Generation
  • Audits
  • Utilization
  • Health
  • Performance

Network Health Example

If a computer in your network is infected with a virus, there may not always be an automated system to provide an alert of this infection and a detailed account of how this infection made its way into your system. Allied Communications Endpoint Security generates reports that tell us exactly the nature of the problem.

The problem can be resolved by your personnel or you can opt for Allied Communications techs to provide resolution.

Knowing your files, services and servers are safe is a feeling desired by every business. As an Allied Communications customer you will get more than just spyware and virus protection. This fully integrated system service provides a full 360° solution to your security issues securing your e-mail servers, blocking all spyware, malware and any intrusions on your companies e-mail addresses.

This package also includes an alert system; if you choose just the basic endpoint security then you will receive automated alerts and complete coverage of your applications.

Allied Communications Call Center is where a real live person located in the US will alert your designated personnel when a malicious threat arises or simply when security updates are available 24X7.