SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)

Session Initiated Protocol

SIP has been around long enough that comes up in many conversations in the technology world. Especially with regards to Internet and the Telecommunications world. SIP is used to simply get a full service without having to pay large amounts of money. SIP is best used as replacement for VOIP phone lines, Plain old telephone service (POTS) and T-1 PRI. Actually many carriers are providing SIP PRI service. No matter how it is used it becomes a powerful tool in your communications. You can have one SIP line with a telephone number from California be resident in your business in Connecticut. And best part of SIP is that they can move anywhere you want. If you lose service at your office, SIP can follow your cell phone or another office.
Allied has many SIP offerings and we know if you are not using SIP now we can easily find plans that will lower any bill you might have now. Let us look at your bills and provide you with a real plan and have the added benefit of built in Disaster Recovery.