Small and Mid-Sized Specializations

Allied Communications core customers in Connecticut are made up of many types of Businesses and we adapt to each one as a true individualized business.  Each small business has its challenges and we use our expertise in Voice and Data to work with each customer to find the best fit for their needs.  Our products and software can accommodate any scenario.

Whether you’re looking for a Hosted Solution or in house solution Allied has the product to fit your needs.  Each appointment we make with you we learn your business and work to best fit your needs to our solutions.  Our staff is trained to work on all aspects of your day to day technology.  Data is the most important aspect to your technology and understanding your data and putting the puzzle together is what we do best.  All your systems must talk to each other while always being able to be adaptable to your needs.  We work with you and your staff to have all the information at your fingertips and allow you to better control your systems.

Our initial appointment is how we start the process and find out where we can help you.  We evaluate your voice and data infrastructure and collect your technology bills.  After collecting all of our data we present you with a plan of attack.  We find you the money to pay for some or the entire project.  In today’s struggling economy we have found our customers thousands of dollars in savings due to some simple changes.

Allied is looking for long term clients that allow us to work with them as TRUE technology partners and help them advance their services and save money at the same time.  With the ever changing advancements of technology you need to stay on top of the benefits to keep up your business and stay ahead of the curve.  Allied is only as successful as their customers and we consider them our partners in business.