Technology Audits

  • Audits are a good thing.
  • Real leaders WANT audits!
  • Audits reveal primarily areas of strength.
  • Audits are feared only by those who have something to hide.
  • Audits promote growth.
  • Audits demonstrate accountability.

An audit is merely a “checkup.” All of us go to our family doctor to receive a “physical audit.” We take our cars to a mechanic in order to obtain a mechanical audit. Some of us even hire a golf pro to give us an audit on our golf swing or putt. So, from these few simple examples, we can see that audits are not bad things. As a matter of fact we use them in a quite natural way to help us improve in various areas of our lives. Audits, then, can, by their design, become quite helpful in enhancing the various lifestyles we hold so dear.

Such is the case, as well, with an audit of our technology-related conditions. As we gather more and more techno-devices around us, we recognize the need to ensure that they are all accounted for, are working properly, and are being employed for proper purposes—purposes that advance the cause for our organizations. A technology audit, then, exists at its very core as an activity that focuses our full attention upon improvement—real, sustainable improvement.

Allied starts with a simple plan to go over your services and hardware so we can provide you with a summary of our thoughts on how you can improve and save money reducing, reorganizing or changing technology.

We start with the money and we check each bill you receive to produce a report on costs for technology.  This will include items like your phone bills, internet costs, hosting, backup, outside technical support and leases on existing equipment.  We look at power output and give you a scenario of how you can use virtual servers or hosted solutions to provide you with a much lower cost of ownership.

We also work with our medical customers to insure their practices or offices are fully compliant with healthcare requirements for HIPAA security.  We give you the foundation to fully comply with HIPAA compliances and ready you for any possible Federal or State audit