Use Case: Real-time Monitoring


Proactive Real Time Monitoring with active notification is what Avaya provides our customers when we provide them with an Avaya Maintenance and Support Coverage Plan.  Ninety-four percent of any issues that cause problems with your systems are reacted to immediately by Avaya’s award winning intelligent Monitoring System.  It will find the problem repair it and report back to system engineers what was completed and if any human interaction needs to take place.

ALLIED DATA MONITORINGlogo-allied-communications

Our own Proactive Data Monitoring provides our Data customers with a breath easy attitude that their systems are being watched 24/7/365.  Our monitoring program is constantly watching, updating and patching systems while you sleep.  It also alerts anyone on your staff and our support people when a major trouble is detected and lets us know that we need to look further into a major problem.  This software even alerts us on all levels of security issues and allows us to block out users that have no permissions and un-authorized outside sources from breaking into your valuable information.